Hi,I'm Marius

Welcome to my Portfolio.
I'm a junior strategic & UI/UX designer based in the region of Stuttgart.
Hope you enjoy!


Nautilus is our bachelor's thesis. We dealt with sea rescue in the Arctic and designed a comprehensive tool to change coordination across the riparian states. Many approaches were developed to deal with the complex amounts of data, to communicate with the actors, and at the same time to plan a transnational rescue strategy.



Nomad is a speculative design project which takes a look at the future of work and living. We designed a service that stores your belongings in a 'cloud' for real physical objects. Through our modular furniture, you can order or return your items wherever and whenever you want, and you can freely explore the world without being tied down by any belongings.



MyFutureLab is a concept for the career starters of tomorrow. We want to address the problems of finding a career and realizing one's own potential and have developed a skills-based concept based on new psychology and labor research findings. This career counselor with unique approaches develops through a 3-phase plan to a career network that helps you constantly realign yourself.



Hej deals with the communication of the future. Based on the approach of Calm Technology, we designed various possibilities to facilitate communication in the digital space and to minimize stress factors that have arisen. In the process, we designed a social hub app that combines these findings.


Terra Coin

Terra Coin is a critical design project that addresses the achievement of the Paris Climate Agreement. Based on the GlobalFoodPrintNetwork, we designed a new currency that forces the economy to change. This radical project is meant to be a thought experiment on how our own behavior can influence the environment.