Nomad is a speculative design project. This project was created in the 2nd semester in the subject "Analytical Design Project" under the motto "Mobility after the Pandemic". Thereby we dealt with the possible trend of remote working and the resulting freedom for the advanced economy sector. This project resulted in "Nomad" for upcoming digital nomads. It is a global distribution service that is reflected in artifacts such as an app and furniture.


Remotework caused of the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way we work together. Home office, which was still very exotic in Germany, has suddenly become a reality for most in the advanced economy sector. According to studies such as McKinsey, however, this will not end with the pandemic. More and more employees and employers see a benefit in remote working. Through further studies and findings, we see a growing trend towards digital nomadism. To consolidate these trends and predict possible consequences (for example, liquid workforces or fluid offices), we collected all kinds of signals that confirmed this development. Likewise, drivers such as new means of transport, political circumstances, and social behavior could significantly impact. Corona has called for a hard change in the professional world that will stay visible even after the pandemic. We picked up on this coming trend and designed possible scenarios based on it.

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What if our home doesn’t append to our job?

In our scenario building, we started with the question: "What if our home doesn't append to our job?" We used methods from speculative design to further build out the scenarios, understand societal and cultural changes. In this process, we've created four scenarios. The parameters were: How sedentary or nomadic people are driven and if people are homebound or not. We decided for the scenario, which could give way by the possible trend increasingly into the digital nomadism, which is less homeland-connected. People from the advanced economy would take advantage of given freedoms and have an increasing urge to work anywhere in the world. In our secondary research, we found statistics and reports that noted a sharp increase in long-term bookings and changing user behavior towards digital nomadism. We picked up on this scenario with Nomad and designed a service that could find a market in 3-5 years.


What is Nomad?

The cabinet is not only a piece of furniture but also a transport box. It describes a service that allows you to travel carefree from one place to another and take your 'home' with you or store them in a 'cloud' for real physical objects. You can order your items on-demand in the Nomad application. The selected items are assembled and shipped in the appropriate Nomad - Closets. Through global warehouses, the service can be accessed flexibly worldwide. This service enables freeing the new generation of digital nomads from the constraints of their own belongings without giving up anything. This service could change how we deal with objects and reside.


Our Furniture

Our furniture is available in different versions. This variety allows large and small things to be stored safely. Large items and clothes can be stored in the 'Closets'. Smaller items fit perfectly in 'Small Boxes'. 'Collections' are precisely adapted for collections of all kinds and protect them safely from environmental influences.

The App

The Nomad app completes the Nomad service. It provides the interface between the customer and their stored objects. In the app, all things can be managed, and future actions can be planned. The app is divided into four categories.

The App

Ordering your own items is even easier than shopping online. Through the app, you have a good overview of the state of your inventory and can have your items brought to you whenever and wherever you are.



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