Terra Coin

Terra Coin is a critical design project from the 6th semester Interaction Design. In this small project, we developed a concept of how climate neutrality could be consequently achieved. We designed a radical currency system which we represent with an artifact, an app, and posters.


Challenge of the 21st Century

Climate change is the millennium problem we face in the 21st century. In the meantime, after long educational work by scientists, the problem is understood by a large part of society. However, the implementation of society is still far from it. For many people, the consequences caused by their own consumption are unclear, and the effects are too abstract to deduce. Concepts such as more expensive securities or tokens are proposed again and again. However, none of the concepts seem to have established themselves in the consensus. We have taken up this issue and formed a radical concept that consistently carries through these ideas.

© by Jan Erik Waider
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The Challenge

Based on the findings of the 'Global Foodprint Network', we have calculated our currency. The Foodprint Network takes various data, such as carbon dioxide emissions, compensating green areas/forest areas, ecological reserves/deficits, etc., into account to calculate the footprint. From this, we have calculated a currency and defined new prices based on the footprint of a product/service. Each person's income is calculated based on the foodprint capacity of the respective country and the number of people living there. Everyone has the same amount of Terra Coins. The rules of capitalism do not apply here.

© by Jan Erik Waider

What is Terra Coin?

Terra Coin is a new currency that acts parallel to conventional currencies. This currency limits each person to reduce their consumption until they leave no persistent footprint. The idea is that the economy will also have to adapt its products to the new currency. This means new supply chains, production, and general business strategy. This critical design project proposes a radical thought experiment that would not be adaptable in the real economy. Still, it offers a new view of what we represent in posters, an artifact, and an app.


The App

Our app gives you an insight into the balance of your Terra Coins. You will have less Terra Coins than you think, so the app helps you keep track of your spending.

The Monument

The Monument is an artifact that tracks your Terra Coin usage beyond the app. It shows you how environmentally friendly you are by its glowing color. In this sense, it is also an indicator of your account balance. The Monument, made out of concrete, represents the dominant role this currency will play in everyday life.



In the context of an exhibition, we have designed posters that serve as simple advertising posters. The prices here mainly show how everyday things get an unbelievable increase in price and we, therefore, notice our products differently. We also have an accurate overview of our artifacts in the 'Atonomy of an AI' style.



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