Interactive Communication Design

Pupil is a learning application for the tablet.
The app was developed within the subject "Interactive Communication Design" in the 2nd semester. We tried to develop an interactive system in which knowledge is transmitted in an exciting and informative way. Through the interaction of the user, he or she should have more fun learning by himself or herself.


Pupil is a learning application. In this
application you learn the basic knowledge
of photography. There are the subjects: aperture, exposure time and iso. In each subject you can interactively learn more about the the topic. Topic-based exercises request the user to be actively involved with his own camera. 
The mixture of theory and practice leads to
rapid learning progresses.

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Through tasks that the app provides, you can
directly test and improve your photography skills.
Through tips and suggestions for improvement
the app tells you what you can do better.


Fabian Seeger
Sebastian Schmid
Marius Schnabel


Interactive Communication Design

2. Semester

HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend

Bernadet Ritter