Light and Color Lab

Application Design

The web application for the light and color laboratory was developed in the 3rd semester in the course "Application Design". The lighting laboratory is a future learning event at HFG. We were given the chance to design an application for the university, which might be used in teaching later. 

In the light and color laboratory, many students will be able to experiment with RGB lights and build models at the same time. The application that the college previously owned was not designed for such a number of people. Similarly, there was no flexibility for a quick start with many students.
The biggest effort in this project was to redesign the information architecture so that the application is a fast, flexible support for teaching and not a barrier.


Students and professors have the opportunity to experiment more, as the application connects and uncouples lamps faster. The connected lights can be individually adjusted in just a few steps. By creating exercises in the application, the professor can better prepare his lecture.


Fabian Seeger
Martin Wehl
Marius Schnabel


Application Design. 

3. Semester

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