Kinect Steq-Sequenzer


Tracking Technologys

The step sequencer was created during a two-day workshop at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbsich Gmünd. It is an application consisting of a Kinect and a beamer. The sequencer is a beginner-friendly experience, which can be tried out alone or in a group.

The workshop focused on tracking systems such as the Kinect. We have built a step sequencer with which you can make music on your own or dynamically in a group together simply and without any experience. We wanted to provide users an easy access and a good time.


The step sequencer is projected by a beamer and recorded with the Kinect. You can place segments reflecting infrared light into the fields to generate a beat. The instruments are arranged vertically and the touch point horizontally. The project was programmed with Javascript.


Kai Wanschura
Martin Wehl
Marius Schnabel


Tracking Technologys

2. Semester

HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend

Florian Geiselhart